Property or Pension?

Is Buying an Investment Property better than Pension?

Many Businesses are coming to the point, that everything is established, and company performance is on steady level.

Some business owners are happy with current performance, however many are planning to make further investments.

Purchasing a property is one of the best steps you can make to grow value of your business. It does not only increase your Balance Sheet, it also gives you a long term retirement plans.

I have came across many businesses, that have made a fatal errors in setting up future strategy. Owners have ended up paying much more Tax than anticipated. It is very easy to start up wrongly and having to deal with bad decision in the future. Process of error rectification might be expensive and difficult.

Having a properly set up property management company, you will find it much more beneficial than pension. It will give you a steady income forever, and you can always release an equity if you need to. In addition, the value of your business will help you get more funding for more project. Everyone knows, that value of property is always going up. Knowing that, investing in properties is one of the safest way of making your money working for you.

I would recommend to anyone, who is planning to grow its business in Property field, to seek and advice before starting up. It will require new structure of the business, or at least property division of it.

Lucas Prestige Accountants have knowledge and experiance it this sector. We are happy to help and create proper structure, so you can benefit form it rather that not.

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